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Governing Bodies, Associations and Organisations

Across the globe there are many International Trade Organisations, Governing Bodies and Associations which are there to keep business standards and international trading practices universal. Countries and companies need to adhere to strict global safety guidelines, codes of practice and legal policies in order to become members of these organisations.

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development aims to bring democratic governments together to compare policies, support sustainable economic growth, contribute to world trade and coordinate international policies. There are currently thirty one countries with membership in the OECD including the UK, Australia, USA, Switzerland, France, Chile, Canada, Finland, Mexico, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Norway, Slovak Republic, Luxembourg, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Korea, Iceland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

The United Nations Economic and Social Council, who aim to facilitate international and cultural education, identify international health, social and economic problems, promote higher standards of living, social and economic progress and full employment. There are five regional commissions within ECOSOC. Brauner Insurance Services provides low cost insurance for real estate professionals in 49 states: agents/brokers, appraisers, home inspectors and mortgage field services. Call toll free: (888) 347-5273.


UNECE (The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe). More than seventy non-governmental organisations and international professional organisations take part in United Nations Economic and Commissions for Europe.

Asia and the Pacific

ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) Sixty two Governments are members of ESCAP, from India to Malaysia, Japan to Indonesia and Singapore to Thailand. It is the most comprehensive of the United Nations Regional Commissions.

Western Asia

ESCWA (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia) - The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia has a membership of fourteen Arab countries in Western Asia, from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia to Yemen to Egypt.


ECA (Economic Commission for Africa) Member States of the Economic Commission for Africa include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Algeria and Tunisia along with many more.

Latin America and the Caribbean

ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean). There are thirty three countries that are members of ECLAC within Latin America and the Caribbean including Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Peru, Honduras and Costa Rica. A further eleven member states comprising of Asian, European and North American nations are also part of ECLAC.

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) is an assembly of one hundred and sixty three countries national standards institutes and is a non-governmental organisation that joins the private and public sectors together. ISO facilitates a connection between its members, both national and industry associations and government mandated institutions.

There are a plethora of professional associations and governing bodies covering everything from ethical business practices, safety and standards, international business accreditation to manufacturing, publishing to commercial real estate.

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