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The Comprehensive Meeting Guide
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Planning a Large Meeting or Conference

Some meetings are easily planned and rather informal, especially if the delegates are known to each other and meet frequently.

Other meetings such as conferences, seminars and training days, require more time and effort to bring about successfully. For such meetings it is important to have a plan. Depending on how many are attending, what the meeting is about and how important it is, you may need to begin planning several months in advance.

Meeting Planning Stage One:
  • Set up a project group to organise the meeting. Identify roles and responsibilities, ways of working and contact details.
  • Set out the objectives and goals.
  • Prepare the project specifications.
  • Decide on the budget including the equipment, venue, transportation, catering, events, guest accommodation, entertainment, handouts, etc...
  • Agree a timeline, milestones and deadlines as well as each member's time commitments.

  • Meeting Planning Stage Two:
  • Prepare a detailed Gantt chart showing sequences, timelines and tasks.
  • Prepare a venue checklist with what the venue needs to provide for this meeting.
  • Research venues, check availability, ask for quotes, prepare a shortlist.
  • Agree a meeting date, remembering to check the availability of venues, key speakers, etc…
  • Prepare meeting agenda.
  • Prepare visual materials, hand outs, presentations, etc…
  • Prepare communication material about the meeting and choose method of communicating ie: by email to employees, phone or in person to key clients, etc…

  • Meeting Planning Stage Three:
  • Confirm venue and book.
  • Confirm attendance and send out location/travel details.
  • Finalise transportation arrangements.
  • Finalise catering and accommodation.
  • Finalise entertainment and social events.
  • Check audio visual and computer equipment.

  • Meeting Planning Stage Four:
  • Arrive at the meeting venue early to ensure everything is in order.
  • Check that the meeting rooms are clean, seating arranged, aircon/heating set at a comfortable temperature, good lighting.
  • Check all equipment and power points and report any faults immediately to the venue maintenance staff. Find out who to talk to if anything goes wrong with the equipment during the meeting.
  • Double check that your catering, accommodation and entertainment requirements are known and will be met. Find out who to talk to if something isn't right or you need something extra during the meeting.
  • Ensure that someone is on hand at the entrance to greet the attendees as they arrive and get them settled.

  • Depending on the nature of the meeting you may also wish to have a post-meeting plan involving collecting attendee feedback, arranging follow up sessions, etc…

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