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The Comprehensive Meeting Guide
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Planning a Presentation

Planning and preparing a presentation can be time consuming and nerve-racking. It is a good idea to use a few checklists to help you gather the information you need, decide on the presentation's objectives, audience, content and structure.

Presentation Prep Checklist:
What is the purpose of the presentation?
Who are the audience and what do they need to know?
How well informed is the audience already?
What terminology will the audience understand?
How long do I have?
How will the audience be seated? What is the room layout?
What do I know about the topic?
What else do I need to find out?
What method of delivery is best?
What visual aids and handouts do I need?
Do I need to give a demonstration?
What support and/or props do I need?
How should I dress?
What additional resources do I need?
Who else will be speaking? What subjects will they be covering?

Presentation Objectives Checklist:
What do I need the audience to know?
What do I want the audience to feel?
What do I want the audience to think?
What do I want the audience to do?

Presentation Planning Checklist:
Establish my credentials.
Short story, quote, or fact to make the topic personal to the audience.
Plan the shortest route from the start to the finish.
Facts, figures, examples, references.
Discuss benefits to sell the audience on the idea/product/service.
Reinforce key points, repeat important ideas at least 3 times in different ways.
Close with a summation and request for action.

Further Information

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Presentation Ideas - Ideas to engage and motivate your presentation audience.

Meeting Your Business Needs

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