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Corporate Housing and Hospitality

The corporate housing and hospitality industries are key to businesses or corporations looking to ensure that a range of needs or wants of client's, staff, customers or business associates are catered for.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing generally refers to a company or organisation temporarily renting out a furnished house or apartment to individuals or corporations instead of conventional hotel accommodation or an extended hotel stay. Corporate housing will usually be furnished along with having bedding, utilities and electronics included.

The corporate housing industry trade organisation, the CHPS (Corporate Housing Providers Association), has stated that in 2009 corporate housing revenue was over 1.5 billion pounds and in the last twenty years corporate housing has seen considerable growth in the lodging industry.

Corporate Hospitality

Corporate entertaining and hospitality is an invaluable way of developing and maintaining business relationships with clients, prospective customers or staff. Corporate hospitality could include activities, sporting events, banquets or cultural and art events. As the cost of acquiring new customers has risen steadily over recent years compared to the cost of keeping an existing customer, it can be an economical way of maintaining your client base.

Developing successful relationships with your valued clients and creating networking opportunities in which to acquire new customers is an important aspect of maintaining your business. There are many dedicated corporate hospitality companies and event organisers with a wide variety of specialities to choose from.

According to the Commerce Dictionary, the definition of Corporate Hospitality is:

Entertainment or events provided by an organisation or business, intended to assist salespeople in building relationships with clients and customers.

Corporate hospitality includes:

  • Tickets to Sporting Events - Motorsports, Horse Racing, Polo, Tennis, Cricket, Golf etc
  • Outdoor Corporate Hospitality Packages - Sailing, Driving Experiences, Helicopter Flights
  • Indoor Corporate Hospitality Packages - Wine Tasting, Private Cinema Screenings, Banquets and Corporate Lunches, Dinners
  • Cultural and Art Events - Theatre and Performing Arts, Art Exhibitions, Opera
  • Music Events - Concerts, Music Festivals, Gigs
  • Team Building Days and Events

There are many dedicated corporate hospitality companies and event organisers with a wide variety of specialities to choose from.

Further Corporate Housing Information

Corporate Housing Providers Association - CHPA gives its members the opportunity to tap into the best and most creative minds on the corporate housing scene on a regular basis.

The Workforce Mobility Association - Founded in 1964, Worldwide ERC® is the workforce mobility association for professionals who oversee, manage, or support U.S. domestic and international employee transfer.

Furnished Apartments in Toronto - Offers a wide range of furnished apartments in downtown Toronto, Canada. The accommodation is ideally suited for relocation periods.

Norton Property Services - Providing furnished homes, short-term rentals and corporate housing solutions in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina - USA.

Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony 781-449-5302 - Boston’s largest, personalized service offering inspected and approved B&Bs. Inns, vacation rentals, extended stay furnished apartments and rooms.

UK Corporate Housing & Serviced Apartments

Accommodation Windsor - Short Stays in Windsor Short term accommodation providers for Windsor UK - from bed and breakfast to superb short stay serviced apartments all in Windsor, Berkshire UK. Tel: +44(0)1753 833747.

Room-B is a serviced apartment provider and booking agent, helping businesses and individuals alike find fantastic accommodation on any budget, anywhere in the world. Whether you’re an individual looking for a studio for one night, or a large corporate group looking for a place to call home for the indefinite future, Room-B will do its utmost to accommodate you.

Meeting Your Business Needs

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