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Chambers of Commerce

A Chamber of Commerce is a local organisation of business firms, public officials and professional individuals with the common objective of furthering business interests within the community. Business owners form networks or societies and elect a council or board of directors who will set out the Chamber of Commerceís policies.

A Chamber of Commerce will aim to promote, develop and publicize business and commercial opportunities within their communities and area they cover. Often this will also include community projects such as housing, schools and public works. Some chambers will also seek to improve streets or community institutions.

The size and membership of a Chamber of Commerce will vary depending on the area it covers, from single neighbourhoods to cities to international organizations. Chambers of Commerce can include:

  • Your local Chamber of Commerce, such as a village or town
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce, such as a county or state
  • National Chamber of Commerce, such as the British Chamber of Commerce
  • The International Chamber of Commerce

A chamber may put on events, seminars or business courses and will also monitor and report on anything that may affect memberís business interests, such as new legislations or proposals from local or national government.

Businesses or companies will often become members or their local Chamber of Commerce in order to develop and demonstrate a commitment to the area. Becoming a member of a Chamber of Commerce is also an invaluable way of developing business contacts and networking.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Berlin Chamber of Commerce The Berlin Chamber of Commerce helps to facilitate and support the development of business within Berlin, East Berlin and Kensington, Connecticut. The website offers a wealth of information on the demographics of the area, the business support programs that the Chambers provide, market data, economic development articles and much more.

United Kingdom

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

British Chambers of Commerce


The French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain

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